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Martin Levi Batson (Levi) - CTFO, CFO, BOCO, BOCP

Martin Levi Batson (Levi) - CTFO, CFO, BOCO, BOCP

Levi has been involved with orthotics & prosthetics for nearly 20 years. He began by serving as a US Navy Corpsman for O&P needs of enlisted men in the early 1990s. Since then he has received certifications in both orthotics (2006) and prosthetics (2007). He is also highly experienced in product fabrication, earning certifications in orthotic and prosthetic fabrication in 2000 and 2003 respectively. Levi serves on the Advisory Board for the Joliet Junior College orthotics and prosthetics program.

Levi believes that of all of his skills and experiences, it is his ability to listen that has made him uniquely successful in this field. "The more intently you listen to what your patients are experiencing, the more likely you are to create a solution that's right for them," he said.

For Levi, happiness can be found on a bass boat. He is a serious fisherman. He's a member of the TBF federation which hosts local and state tournaments.